SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a standardized test with a pre-defined syllabus that is designed to test critical thinking skills, as well the ability to analyze and solve problems in math, critical reading, and writing. The SAT is one way to demonstrate a student’s competitiveness and their likelihood to succeed in a course and is one of several factors that many universities and colleges consider when making their admission decisions alongside high school grades which are also very important.

There are two types of SAT tests. The first is the SAT that tests knowledge of the subjects taught every day in high school classrooms which are reading, writing and math. The second is the SAT Subject Test that examines a student's proficiency in a particular subject matter. This test is usually taken by students that are applying for a specialized field of study such as English Literature, World History, Mathematics, Biology or Chemistry.

SAT Scoring Methodology

Each section of the SAT (critical reading, mathematics and writing) will be scored on a scale that ranges from 200- 800 points giving a possible total of 2400. Two "sub scores" will also be reported which are for the multiple-choice writing section (scored from 20 - 80), and an essay (scored from 2 - 12).

The first step in calculating the SAT score is to figure out the ‘raw score’ that is done by:

•    Adding points for correct answers.

•    Subtracting a fraction of a point for wrong answers.

Questions that a student does not answer do not count either for or against their score. Neither are points taken away for wrong answers on the math questions where the answers needed to be entered into a grid. The raw score for each section is then converted into a scaled score. This is where the score of 200–800 points comes from, which is done through a statistical process called "equating."

The following key points are essential to bear in mind when taking the SAT:

•     Every incorrect answer will result in a negative marking (1/4 marks per question).

•     Too much time is often taken up answering specific questions,especially,in the Critical Reading section, which results in loss of valuable time to attempt other questions.

•     The Critical Reading section is often seen as a challenge for students as it tests complicated language usage.

Country accepting the above test: USA

Exam Pattern: (Total Time : 3 hrs 45 mins)

Critical Reading: 70 mins. (two 25-mins. sections and one 20-mins. section)

Mathematics: 70 mins. (two 25-mins. sections and one 20-mins. section)

Writing:  60 mins. (two 25-mins. sections and one 10-mins. section)

SAT is out of 2400

Website :

Registration : Online/Draft

Nature of Exam : Paper Based Test (PBT)

Test Fees : USD $91

Frequency of Test : Six times in a year – January, May, June, October, November & December.

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