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Study Destinations - Canada   


Studying in Canada would be a beautiful experience for anyone, literally, since Canada is ranked as the BEST PLACE inthe world to LIVE.  Because of its access to education, high life expectancy and low crime rates, Canada is a very attractive destination for students throughout the world.

Of more attraction to Indian students is the fact that Canada welcomes immigrants with open arms.Thus, those who complete their education can decide upon staying back and complete the immigration process to enjoy the best life in the world! As a country of immigrants, Canada places a high-demand on multicultural diversity.

Moreover, Canadian education costs are relatively cheaper than US and other countries - by atleast 30%. Coupled with its low cost of living, Canada is one of the best destinations for international students.

Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages - English and French.  Most of the French-speaking inhabitants live in Quebec. However, almost all non-Quebec based universities offer education instruction in English only.

Canadian Universities are highly respected Universities in the world. Most of Canadian Universities offer a wealth of higher education options and life-enriching opportunities at its universities and university colleges.These University institutions are loaded with many programs, and they`re spread all across Canadian provinces.

All Canadian universities are public institutions, which is the main difference between Canadian Universities and American universities for example.In Canada the provinces and territories are responsible for all levels of education including colleges and universities. As of this year there are over 90 universities in Canada.

The education system in Canada encompasses both publicly-funded and private schools, including:community colleges / technical institutes, career colleges, language schools,secondary schools, summer camps,universities and university colleges.

Canadian universities are largely public funded and as a result, are of a consistently high quality, regardless of location or area of study.  At the same time, they (the universities)retain a high degree of academic autonomy.Education is a provincial responsibility under the Canadian constitution, which means there are significant differences between the education systems of the different provinces. However, education is important to Canadians, and standards across the country are uniformly high.

Once students complete elementary school which is up to 8th standard, they would take up High school education comprising of classes 9th to 12th.

There are more than 175 post-secondary institutions that offer various programs such as Certificate,Diploma and Bachelor`s, including vocational and adult-education. These institutions are known as Community colleges, Technical Institute, University College and ce`gep. All these colleges are members of the Association of Canadian Community colleges.

Undergraduate programs are of 4 years duration,except in Ontario, where there is three-year Bachelor degrees and three-year Master`s degrees. In the other parts of Canada,post-graduate programs(Master`s) are of two years duration. A degree form a Canadian university is recognized world-wide and as a result, international students who graduate from Canadian universities enjoy successful and prosperous careers.


After you have received an unconditional letter of acceptance from a Canadian College or University, you are required to obtain a Study Permit. It generally takes 15-20 working days for the Visa to be processed. Submit the completed application form along with the necessary documents to the immigration section of the Canadian High commission.

The following documents are required to be submitted along with the Completed Student Application form:

♠ Official letter of acceptance from Canadian University, Community College or technical institute.
♠ Original Passport, which must be valid for atleast one year from the planned date of entry to Canada.
♠ Copy of IELTS or TOEFL score as applicable.
♠ Copies of all academic documents and work experience certificates.
♠ Non-refundable Visa processing fee.
♠ Receipt of payment of first semester tuition fee. A copy of GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) to cover the first year living expenses. GIC is mandatory for the SPP visa application. You can also show education loan sanction letter equivalent to CAD $ 10000 for the living expenses if you are applying for Study Permit for Universities.
♠ 2 passport size photographs.
♠ Medical examination receipt - The student may take upfront medicals from the designated medical practitioner of Canadian high commission. The receipt of this medical examination should be submitted along with the visa application. The reports will directly be sent to High Commission. There should always be a gap of 7 days in the date of medical examination and the visa application submission.

Please note: Any document not in English or French must be accompanied by a certified translation Submission of the completed application form is followed by:
Interview- An interview (Telephonic or in person) with a Canadian Visa Officer may be required. If this is the case, you will be advised in writing of the time and place for the personal interview. In case of telephonic interview, you may receive a call any time.
If you want to study in Quebec, you must obtain a Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) from the Quebec government in addition to the student authorization. The CAQ applications are available at the CEC and from the institutions in Quebec. Full-time International students are permitted to work on campus (20 hours perweek).

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